Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Market Research for the Masses!

I am in the process of testing (for free!) the Power Poll from Vizu. Check out the custom poll at right and submit your vote. I read about Vizu in a BusinessWeek article on how small businesses can implement market research techniques without the major investment typically required. Although we're not quite as powerful yet in commanding affordable data, this is the one suggested tool I found useful. Of course, SMBs still need to think strategically about designing questions, even for simple polls. I'll share testing notes in a future post or you can join me by getting an account of your own.


Frederic said...

Awesome!! Great find!

Tracy Diziere said...

In my testing, I noticed users cannot select the type of demographic questions asked, so webpage viewers are presented with income, age, gender, etc. I have submitted feedback requesting the option to "turn off" certain question types. We'll see!