Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Measuring Your Online Marketing Efforts

Web analytics, we all know, are key to measuring the success of online marketing efforts. And there certainly is plenty to look at! Metrics can be overwhelming, so many small business marketers or micro-business owners turn to outside help. I read a very astute recommendation for those looking to hire a web analytics person from Larry Chase's Web Digest for Marketers. It's a comment from Eric Peterson, founder and CEO of Web Analytics Demystified, Inc.; he says:

"The essential thing is that you need someone who is analytically minded and curious, who will define and follow a process and will keep digging for answers, even beyond the first set of numbers," he said.

Thanks, Larry, for the informative e-mail newsletters (I love getting them!) and for the timely and pertinent interview with Eric T. Peterson.


dicky said...

Good points. such a nice post...keep up the good work..

H said...

Understanding analytics are absolutely vital to your website. You track numbers on sales, why wouldn't you track numbers on your website. Understanding analytics can also be a little tricky. It's important that you have someone who understand those numbers and who can dig deeper to enhance your online marketing efforts.