Sunday, January 20, 2008

300 Women, 9 Hours, 1 Event: Women Entrepreneurs' Small Business Boot Camp

On Saturday, I attended the Women Entrepreneurs' Small Business Boot Camp. What a day! The morning began with Pamela Jett aka my latest heroine. Pamela's talk, Success is an Attitude, struck familiar chords but assembled them in new ways. That is, although perhaps the messages were ones I had heard before about the relationship between what we think and how it gets played out, her delivery allowed me to absorb it more readily. Her practical advice was also a welcome change: When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought--esp. about yourself!--use a word such as delete, erase, or cancel to counteract it. What a simple solution! Along with Pamela Jett's stellar presentation, Stephanie Frank (the afternoon keynote) was also awe-inspiring! Stephanie's messages seemed deceivingly simple as well but her advice for implementing time-management strategies was one of the most practical applications I have heard, without being dry and stuffy. Her advice is to cut through the CRAP (Confusion, Resistence, Apathy, and Procrastination). One stat that Stephanie Frank cited was a study by the National Women's Business Council about the top reasons for failed businesses: (1) lack of entreprenuerial skills and (2) lack of peer support. Very interesting! (Pictured: me (L), Mary (center), Wendy (R) during the Small Business Power Hour Session. More pictures by prophoto.)

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