Thursday, November 13, 2008

No website? No profile? No business!

Just a quick anecdotal post to convey the impact of not being found online. I am looking for an independent market research partner and keyword searches point primarily to LinkedIn profiles. "Great," I think, "I'll be able to see potential professionals' skills and contact them all in one shot!" Well, I found 3 perfect people--none of whom had links to a website with their contact information (read: they don't have websites!). I searched for them BY NAME using Google and still nothing! If they have no website (or no SEO in place) and no accessible profiles/directory listings online (with LinkedIn, Naymz, Xing, Guru, elance, facebook, myspace, etc.), how are clients finding them?

Social networking profile development and directory listings at least are no-cost ways to market so I can't fathom why everyone wouldn't create something! Further, why would someone restrict their full profile on LinkedIn or not be open to Introductions or InMail--unless they are so wealthy they don't need any business or so hermetic they don't even want to pass along business to people they know. (Incidentally, if you are ever looking for anyone to do anything, I am always happy to refer friends, collegaues, family, etc. I figure matching two people who can benefit from each other's knowledge or services is a good thing!)

Is there some downside to having a website (at least one page with your contact info) and/or profile that I missing?

P.S. If you know how to contact independent market researchers Patricia Cartier, Susan Katz, or Sheila Woods, tell them I'm looking for them.

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