Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl 2010 Ads: Part 1

Once again, the Superbowl ads were not (overall) as effective and entertaining as they have been historically.  (See last year’s post.)Therefore, many of my picks are really just the best of the mediocre. 

Caveat: I’m only considering ones I saw and could hear well  for products and services we buy directly (not TV shows, movie trailers, nonprofit organizations, causes, public service announcements, government activities, etc.).  I also don’t include products that are bad ideas and ads with overly flawed logic (to be discussed in a Part Two on this topic).

Here are my picks:

  1. Mars’ Snickers ad was both relevant and hard-hitting (pun intended) with the tagline “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”  You as Betty White playing football=good call.  The Snickers candy bar is doing a good job of competing with the other categories for solving hunger and energy issues for active Americans: granola bars, PowerBars, and energy drinks.  Nice positioning.
  2. Monster has developed a brand as the cool job search website for the underdog.  At a time when unemployment rates are ridiculous, companies can pick and choose from pools of over-qualified applicants, and recent grads struggle to get jobs, it’s a weird to advertise such an empowered, er, workforce via a furry woodland creature aspiring to greatness and escaping his habitat.   The ad itself (Beaver turned Violinist) makes the list for creativity and consistency with branding efforts, although I’m conflicted about the message.
  3. Doritos: I do like that they held a contest and let the people make the commercials.  Great way to involve your brand advocates and attract more like them.  There were 3 that I saw, but my pick is “Doritos Kid Slaps Mom’s Date.”   Who doesn’t like the idea of kids being protective of their moms?  This kind of role reversal bodes well for women who do the grocery shopping. 
  4. E-trade babies, of course, make the list.  They’ve got the formula down with their two ads: “Girlfriend” (aka Milk-a-holic) and “Tears” (aka He’s Eating the Lobster Too). We’ll see how long the formula will last, but I predict we’ll have only one more year of babies.  I imagine their market is 95% men based on their ads.  A savvy competitor need only go for the women.  Who will step up? 
  5. BudLight delivers a consistent message with their ads’ tagline “Here We Go.” With synth voices, a house of beer, and a spoof on Lost, it’s clear that where there’s BudLight, there’s a party.  Priorities (and privacy) be damned.

For Part Two of Superbowl Ads 2010 covering what didn’t work and why . . . see the comments to this post.

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Tracy Diziere said...

Here's Part Two (yes in the comments, I have been busy and this is way overdue).

Hyundai: Think about it=Fail. No one wants to think right now. And no one buys a car because of the quality of the paint.
Go daddy: Of course. The oldest fantasy. Coulda been better.
Coke co-brand with Simpsons: Really feel sorry for former millionaires in the wake of AIG, Lehman Brothers, etc.
Dodge: Yeah, those guys are rebels driving Chargers. NOT!
Dr. Pepper with Kiss: It just doesn’t work.
Tru tv: I don’t understand.
Intel – This sad robot is sad. Why advertise for something we don’t buy directly? An OS is a driver . . . all the ads about the processors won’t work of ppl don’t like the system . . . or the features of the computer.
Miller - what the hell was that
Hot girl in tub= Overdone. No one knows what she’s selling 1 min after commercial. Sometimes sex just sells sex and nothing else.
Michelob Ultra – Yeah with Lance but we’ve been seeing stuff like that for awhile now.
Homeaway: Maybe only French people get it.
Kgb: Funny but will ppl use it?
Coke Sleepwalking: w/ Bolero. Seriously, can’t use that music anymore. We still remember “10.”
Google: How to knock up a French girl.
Popcorn & peanuts= Not awesome.
Budweiser: Human bridge is cute, but those guys are never leaving that town