Thursday, February 18, 2010

Will My Blog Get More Hits if I Write About Tiger Tonight?

I’m just curious.  In all seriousness, Peter Shankman has a post tonight about Tiger and his pseudo-press conference tomorrow.  It says all the things about Tiger that I’ve been hearing from other, albeit less famous people, all week.  And the post does a great job of getting a helluva lot of “Tigers” into one, er, den. 

What I really like about the post is the comments—to hear what an awfully lot of PR, crisis communications, journalists, and all-around (mostly) bright people are saying.  Even if they are link junkies.  (That’s not a slam. I am writing about Tiger and I’m not a journalist,  sports media person, or avid golf-watcher, although I like the sport and my mom is a Tiger fan).  

So that you don’t have to sift through the comments (and I wonder sometimes if anyone reads them or they are just there for the main post), here are my favorite good/original ones:

1.  Jonathan Bernstein tells his crisis management clients:  “ . . . no ‘spin’ in the world will save their reputation if they don’t stop doing the things that got them criticized in the first place.” I love this.  I tell friends, family, colleagues, anyone who will listen that companies who spend a boatload on marketing and then turn around and treat their employees poorly might as well light that money on fire. (Maybe that’s a non-sequitur but at least it’s in the spirit of spirited advice-giving?)

2. “America loves reformed celebrity addicts,” says Jenna Petroff.  So well said, and good for you for linking your comment to your Twitter profile, Jenna.  I’m following you now. I like good burgers too.

3. Sheila Sheley and her marketing cohorts offered this formula: “Tiger wins golf tournaments + Tiger gets airtime = sponsors want Tiger.”

Any I missed? What do you think of these comments?  Wanna talk about Tiger? Weigh in!

P.S. Please don’t make me continue poaching comments about stuff that’s trending for blog posts.  It’s really not as fun as (although it is a bit easier than) developing original content.  I guess I am the hyena feasting on the scraps of the tiger’s kill. :)


Sheila Sheley said...

Just found my way to your blog through a google alert that found my name after you posted my "Tiger formula." Looks like you've got some great content, so I'll be back!

Tracy Diziere said...

Thanks Sheila! Look forward to seeing your comments on future posts!